Preschool is a place for children to get their early education. They willl experience the little things around them during this phase. Our learning systems are based on comprehensive and hands-on learning, back to nature learning, and visual learning.

The Research and Development department led by our founder Hajjah Wan Roslina Wan Yusoff, is to learn more about children and design programmes and learning skills that suit them. At LOE, children have fun, create memories, and get adequate education. We believe, Every Child deserves education.


Here, children will learn pre-writing and pre-reading through daily fun activities such as visual activities and sensory stimulation to stimulate their brain and problem solving skills.


Here, children will be taught English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and Science to prepare them for primary school. The programmes at our preschools are designated for children to love and enjoy studying as well as to encourage them to think out of the box.


Here, special needs children that can’t be calmed down or any special cases that need assistance will meet our therapist. Parents will be counselled and the child will be given therapy accordingly.

Wan Roslina Wan Yusoff

Founded and designed by a local Educational Developmental Psychologist, the chains of Little Ones Eduworld Preschools emphasis on the 5 Ex-Learning Strategies for the development of these young children and has shown remarkable effects on them.

Opportunities of Exploring the world inside and outside the classrooms, Experiential learning throughout the day, along with Explanations provided by the teachers and relating them to their daily lives as Examples, have produced children who yearn for Excellence!

Our Education Network

Child Care

Age 1-3 years old


Age 4-6 years old.

Special Needs

Age 4-6 years old.

Therapy Centres

As early as diagnosed.

Contact us if you have any inquiry or need more information.


About Our Premises

Landed Properties

It has been a crucial requirements for all Little Ones Eduworld Preschool to be a landed property, and must include ample space for children activities, such as field or open area.

Frequent Sanitisation

We sanitise the whole school very frequent to kill and remove viruses, bacterias and any harmful properties to ensure our children learn in very clean condition and safe. 

Health & Safety Approved

Our premises are regularly checked by authorities to ensure we hold a high standard of security and cleanliness. All emergency exits are clearly marked and secondary emergency stairs are also prepared according to regulation.

Strategic Location

Little Ones Eduworld Preschools are located in the area which are easy to reach, drive by and drop your children. We would ensure safety is a priority and great parent experiences while sending their children to our premises.

Our Partners

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